Video Development is Our Forte

Our video production services range from the production of product evaluation videos to the production of sales videos, explanatory videos and documentary videos.
Our video production office in Sydney specialises in all types of content production and we do it all under one roof (in-house). We are a real company. With in-house video production and content creation, we can help you get your message across better than your competitors. In our Sydney office we shoot, edit, cut, project, film, voice-over and everything else.
With our service, there is no “I’ve got a video, what now?” speech. We also offer marketing solutions to distribute your videos to your target audience through media channels such as Facebook, Google and Instagram.
If you are looking for a team of video production experts, please contact us. We offer video productions for social media, security videos, YouTube channels, product videos, navigation videos, TV commercials and much more.
As part of a social media video production or as a stand-alone service, we can engage your audience with enhanced video content, specifically designed to build trust, increase brand awareness and drive sales. The benefits are highly effective animated advertisements targeting specific demographic groups of your customer base, with “traceable” results and tracking of your target market within 3 months of campaign launch.

Production of explainer videos

Explainer videos are ideal for products and services that have complex processes. Depending on the product, we use animations, demonstration sequences, key-point instructions and other techniques to make your product or service understandable.

Creating a video blog (VLOG)

Social media has revolutionised the way people communicate with each other and created a whole new marketing platform. Blogs and vlogs have become so influential because they offer transparency to consumers. Brands need to understand how important they are and what they can do for brand awareness and conversions.

Create a video presentation for your slide show display.

There are five types of displays used at slide shows: Flat displays, screens, projectors, kiosks and custom displays. Choosing the best display depends on your content (photos, videos, social media, news, blogs). If you're not sure what's best for your business, give us a call and we'll be happy to help.


Event video production / short videos

Event trailers are designed to take the viewer through the story to create excitement before the main event.


Animation video

Animating your logo (logo bite) and inserting it at the beginning or end of your video is very important to increase brand awareness and enhance your product or service offering.


Video product reviews

Far more effective and insightful than a glossy brochure or a boring website, video product reviews tell a story and let customers know what they are buying (including incentives and current promotions). They can be used on a variety of media channels including social media, YouTube and your website.

Video Streamling Strategy


Edit & Cut

Project & Film

Voice Over

We Provide a Video Streamling Strategy | Be Big Brand


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