Benefits of video marketing

Digital marketers use videos along with text content to let the people know about products and services of a company. People can look all the features of the product in a video. After that, they can read the text to get more knowledge like price, services, discounts, and many other things. There are many other benefits of using videos in digital marketing. Some of these benefits have been described here.

Growth in revenue

Marketers have started using videos because they know that video marketing can bring good results and may convert the visitors into customers. Research has shown the result that a company can grow its revenue up to 50% with the help of digital marketing.

Conversion and sales increase with videos

Videos help a company to earn revenue easily and quickly. Digital marketers should add the videos on the landing pages as it is the best place where videos can work. Studies show that people like to watch explainer videos in which details of the products are mentioned.  These explainer videos help in converting the leads into customers.

Videos can add enhancement to email campaigns

videos enhances email campaigns

Digital marketers use email campaigns to market their products. The biggest challenge is that whether people will open the email or not. It is a good option to add videos to the email. The subject line should also include video. This will create eagerness among the customers and chances of opening the emails increase. The click through rate of the emails can increase up to 200 to 300 percent. Nowadays people do not have time to read text so they like to watch videos of a few minutes to get the knowledge about a product.

Search engine rankings increase

Google has promoted the video content for the past many years. Now many businesses have also instructed their digital marketers to use videos so that customers can get the idea of the product and are compelled to purchase it. SEO experts say that videos are a very powerful tool for increasing the visibility and rank of a website.

Sharing videos on social media

Digital marketers share the videos of products on various social media websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. The views of such posts increases as they contain videos.  These videos can also be shared on various channels. Millions of videos are watched every day and this has increased the revenue of many companies.

Videos promote buying decisions

Many customers have told in reviews that they have made purchases after watching videos. It has been estimated that videos have influenced the buying decisions and people are compelled to buy certain products.

Videos help in building trust

Videos have helped in building trust among the customers. The main goal of content marketing is to build trust among customers and many companies are achieving this goal through videos.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the benefits of content marketing through videos. Digital marketers have used video content to build trust among customers and compelled them to buy their products. Videos have helped a lot in increasing the remuneration of a business.