How web designer is hired and how cost is fixed?

cost to hire a professional web designer

Web designers usually charge $75 per hour. A corporate website can cost from $5,000 to $10,000, with an average cost of $6,760 to create, design, and build a basic website along with content. This amount includes maintenance and client training. Custom websites cost more.

Benefits of hiring a professional web designer

Some of the benefits of hiring the best web design company are as follows.

Customized professional website design

CMS platforms use basic and thousands of used templates. However, when you hire a web designer, you will get a website with a unique and customized design.

It depends on the type of business

A company that offers web design services will ensure that the final product represents the business and conveys its key messages.


Web designers design websites that are search engine and SEO friendly.

Fast Websites

If you hire a web designer, they will make sure that you use the right tools and add-ons to make the website load faster.

Mobile optimization

Perhaps the most important job of a web design service provider is to ensure that the website works on mobile devices. Given that half the population uses smartphones to browse the web, this is very important.

Whom to hire?

Another thing to consider is whether you should hire an independent designer, a web design company or a web design agency. Let’s explore this together.

A web design company

A web design company is ideal to cover all the services a website may need. Since the company has experts in programming, design and other departments, they can ensure quality.

Web design agencies

They are smaller and more crowded and can provide a service or outsource it. Since they outsource the design to multiple designers, they can bring diversity to the website.


If you want a good website at a reasonable price, freelancers are a good option. Just make sure that this person has all the skills to create a professional website. Sort out things like payment, site design, etc.

When you hire a web designer, you have these options. How you choose depends on factors such as cost, design and the size and timing of your business, choose a designer that fits your needs.

How does a web designer charge?

Let’s take a look at how web designers charge for website creation.

Hourly rate

Reasonably qualified freelancers earn around $75 per hour. However, this amount varies depending on CSS-Tricks. Surveys tell that the estimate of website design on the basis of per hour is $30 to $80. Website development can cost up to $100 to $180 per hour. Freelancers typically earn more than in-house web designers because they don’t receive the same health insurance and other benefits as employees. Freelancers also have much less job security. They sign a contract with everyone. The higher salary compensates for their lack of long-term commitment to their clients.

Flat rate

Clients like to pay a flat fee to web designers because they know exactly how much they will pay upfront. Freelancers hate flat fees because, according to CSS-Tricks, you can never be 100% sure how long a project will last, especially if the client needs endless revisions. It’s always best to ask your clients thoroughly and make sure you understand their budget and project requirements before setting a price.

Factors that influence the cost of hiring a website designer

Before hiring a web designer, you need to know all your requirements. These factors determine the cost of hiring a web designer. Let us discuss these factors in detail.

Static or dynamic website

A static website is a website that contains web pages with fixed content, while a dynamic website is linked to a database and can often be customized by database changes. Static websites are quick and easy to create, while dynamic websites take more time and effort, but offer greater benefits in the long run. Small businesses that are just trying to gain visibility on the Internet usually opt for static websites. Entrepreneurs who want to build an online brand and generate high revenues choose dynamic websites.

Scope of the project

The scope of your project is a very important factor that affects the cost of hiring a web designer. A website design is more than just a homepage and a few other pages. It also includes call-to-action buttons, social media buttons, and more. If you need certain things on top of that, such as logo creation and placement, sliders, etc., the price will increase. In this case, it is advisable to create a creative brief telling the designer everything, from the target client to the theme, color scheme, etc.

Template or custom

A template-based website can be a cheap solution, but it limits your creativity and gives you a very template-like website. A custom website, on the other hand, is more in line with your company’s goals and better tailored to its needs. This decision depends entirely on what you want from your website.


When hiring a website designer or website development company, you need to consider the cost of maintaining a lifestyle on site. Even if you hire a freelancer, you should provide a quote that is commensurate with the cost of their site. With freelancers, time zone is also a factor that can increase the budget for the website development project.

Custom or pre-built website

If you are looking for a ready-made website with some customization options, pre-built websites can be a good option if you have the necessary code knowledge and access to customize it to your needs. If you want a completely unique website that easily stands out and makes your brand stand out, then you need a custom website.

Platform and complexity

The platform that the designer uses for programming and design also affects the price. The complexity of the design also affects the price. If the design of the website is simple, the price will be lower, but if the design is complex, such as a gaming website, the price will also increase.

Per project or per hour

In this important decision, you need to decide whether you want to hire a design company on a project basis or on an hourly basis. When we say “per hour”, we mean that the designer will be paid by the hour, which is a very simple way of payment. On the other hand, “project-based” means that the total cost of the project is determined upfront and you hire the designer for the entire project at a fixed price.


This is the textual information we see and read on web pages. The complexity and quality of the content is largely determined by the cost factor. Costs vary depending on the type and volume of content, the amount of research required to write the text, and whether the text must be imported from an existing website or created from scratch.

The cheapest way is to create and publish the content yourself, but if you want your contracted web design company to do it (if they offer this service), you may be willing to pay between $100 and $200 per page, depending on the quality of the content.


The physical location of the designer is also crucial. If you hire a designer from a developing country, you will pay less because the hourly rate is lower. A designer in a developed country will charge more for the same amount of work.

Processing time

The estimated cost also depends on how quickly you want your site built. If you want to complete a design and development job that normally takes a month in just two weeks, the cost will obviously increase. Needless to say, the workload will not decrease; the hired professional will simply have to work overtime or work alone on your project.

Responsive website

This is a new approach that ensures an optimal visual experience on all screen sizes. With responsive design, you don’t need to create different websites for different devices. Whether you open your website on a computer, mobile device or tablet, text, images and other elements adapt to the screen resolution to provide your audience with the best user experience.

Designer Experience and Expertise

The expertise and experience of a designer or design agency can significantly increase costs, as these two factors are directly proportional. An experienced designer will charge a higher price for their in-depth knowledge and market insight.

Wrapping Up

The cost of designing a website depends on the desired features. The type of website – static, dynamic or e-commerce – is another matter. Determine your budget and hire a web designer accordingly.