How to access blocked sites in chrome

How Tos

There are many countries that block certain types of websites. If people want to view the restricted content, they have to apply some tricks in order to see that content. Here we will discuss some of those tricks.

Use a VPN

use a vpn

The most effective formula to view content of a restricted website is using a VPN or virtual private network. This is a formula in which your computer is connected to a remote server and then it leads you to the restricted websites. You just have to download and install the VPN. Now connect the internet and choose the location of the server in the VPN. The speed of the internet will become fast and you will be able to view restricted content.

Use Tor

use a tor

Tor is a router which has the ability to provide online traffic with the help of different layers of encryptions. You can view the content of the restricted website very easily. In order to Tor, you have to go to the Tor website and install it. You may also have to configure it if needed. After that you can use it to connect to restricted websites.

Use a web proxy

use a web proxy

If there is a restriction on downloading Tor or VPN, then you can use the third option and that is proxy. IN this case, you have to visit the restricted website with the help of a proxy server. This server connects to the website but it will hide your IP address.In order to use a proxy server, go to a proxy website and then enter the URL of the restricted website. One disadvantage of this method is that you will have to enter a proxy website for every tab of your web browser.