Role of Digitalization in Business Growth

Why is it important to use digital technologies?

Digitization has become a key tool for business success worldwide. The automation of marketing activities and order processing, fully supported by digital technology, increases a company’s efficiency. Thanks to digital technology, companies are moving from analog to digital. Without having to worry about data silos, companies can store data in the cloud instead of on storage devices. This provides them advantage in the competition. Outsourcing all corporate data to the cloud not only prevents data loss and enables automatic backups, but also improves team collaboration and productivity.
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Factors for the success of the Digital Enterprise

Here are some of the factors that contribute to the success of a digital enterprise.

Market Knowledge

The combination of market knowledge and advanced technology adds a digital dimension to traditional methods of understanding markets and businesses.

A collaborative management team

The combination of knowledge and technology guides our management and technical teams to meet the needs of our users from the start. Once this foundation is in place, as in any business, user needs must be monitored and met throughout the lifecycle of the business. The greater the understanding within your team, the more customers you will automatically have.
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One or more technology platforms

From a technology perspective, the digital enterprise includes one or more software platforms that leverage the best available technology to meet the unique needs of the business.

The impact of digitalization on business growth

Digitalization brings modernity and freshness to a company. To better understand this, let’s look at these details.

Customer Behavior

With the changing times, customer behavior and shopping habits are also changing: According to a study by GE Capital Retail Bank, about 81% of consumers search online for the products they want to buy prior to give a visit to a store.

Security is a priority for businesses

One of the biggest challenges IT managers face is ensuring security as more and more data is transmitted to the edge of the network. This is an increasingly complex challenge that requires high levels of access security, regulatory compliance and protection against attacks. But even the most stringent security measures are useless if a suboptimal network forces employees to switch networks in search of flexibility and speed.
For forward-thinking organizations, it’s important to have a comprehensive security strategy for all networks, applications and data, regardless of which services or service providers they use.

Simplify existing business processes

Companies that have been operating successfully for years know that it takes time to implement business processes. Since time is of the essence for any business, most organizations strive to save time. Companies are trying to implement time-saving procedures and processes.

Strengthen business partnerships

Customer demands are increasing and the industry is highly competitive. Companies work with suppliers and distributors, subcontractors, and specialized consultants to produce a wide range of products and services of interest to their customers, with increasing interdependence.

Migrate your website to HTTPS

To gain the trust of your visitors and increase CTR, you need to purchase an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate and move to HTTPS. Old HTTP sites are no longer secure and can reduce your CTR because users don’t trust them and won’t click through. SSL certificates can be obtained from various authorities or even from your web hosting provider.

Bid higher

You may have tried all the techniques and hacks, but your CTR is still low. Check your share of the search results by placing your ad. If you’re not in the top three results on page 1, you’re losing out to your competitors. Increasing bids will give you a better ad position and therefore more impressions and clicks. Better ad position leads to better CTR. But it can also increase costs.