Story of Internet

Internet is a very popular term and adults and children are now using it for various purposes. The full form of internet is internetworking and it is called so because it connects a lot of computers to each other with the help of different servers. Few people know about the origin of internet so in this article, we will know about the story of invention of the internet.

Invention of network

invention of network

The invention of networking dates back to 1950s when a cold war occurred in the USA. The cold war occurred between North America and the Soviet Union. People were in great fear because both the countries have nuclear weapons. In this period, the computers used by the university staff and scientists were very large in size and were also very expensive. The machines were low in quantity and that is the reason that researchers who were researching for connectivity between these machines started using time sharing. This enabled the users to access the mainframe computer with the help of terminals arranged in series.

Inventors of the internet

Internet has not been invented by a single person. Many scientists added features in it from time to time. The internet was first developed in the form of ARPANET. This ARPANET was later developed into internet. Let us see those scientists who participated in the development of the internet.

Paul Baran

Paul Baran was given the task of researching the ways of controlling the fleet of aircraft  so that if Soviet Union attacks with a nuclear weapon, the communication is not disrupted. Baran did his research and gave a proposal of developing non-centralized command point in a network. He said that if a point is destroyed, communication can be held through other points. Such a network came to be known as distributed network.

Lawrence Roberts

Lawrence Roberts started working on the idea of Paul Baran and he developed the real distributed network.

Donald Davies

Donald Davies also worked on distributed network but not with Lawrence and Donald. He started working on it in National Physical Laboratory which was located at Middlesex.

Bob Kahn

He was the scientist who was able to develop TCP/IP protocols. These protocols helped to convert ARPANET into the internet. The word “Internet” was discovered by Vint Cerf.

Paul Mockapetris

He was the scientist who developed the domain name system or DNS.

Tim Berners

He was the developer of HTML and World Wide Web. He also developed HTTP which is used in the URL of a website.

Marc Andreessen

He was the inventor of the first browser whose name was Mosaic.


All these scientists were responsible to convert ARPANET into internet that is being used today. Now the internet can be used for education, entertainment, travelling, and many other purposes. Many other things have been added to the internet to make it more advanced. Now security has also been introduced so that hackers cannot hack the websites. Hackers usually hack those websites in which money is paid. So HTTPS has been developed for the security of the websites.