Types of VPNs

The expansion of the abbreviation VPN is Virtual Private Network. It has the ability to allow a user to connect to a private network over the internet in a secure and private way. An encrypted connection called a VPN tunnel is created by the virtual private network. The network uses this tunnel so that Internet traffic and communications can pass through it. VPN is of different types and in this article, we will discuss about them.

Remote Access VPN

Have you used VPNs for personal purposes before? If yes, then you already have experience with the most popular type of VPN services today and that is remote access VPN services. In short, a remote access VPN connects the user to a secure remote server and allows him to access a private network. Additional encryption ensures that security is not breached.

Other VPN services are based on this remote access network. There are different providers who provide this type of services. You are allowed to use the network of these providers. The data that you will send or receive will be hidden on the local network. This allows you to browse in privacy and access restricted online content which is not available over a regular connection. Your data will be protected from hackers and spies.

Remote access VPN can be installed easily and without any problem. You need to install the correct software to use the VPN. This VPN can be beneficial for individuals or small businesses but it is not compatible with large businesses.


Many companies have allowed their employees to work from home due to corona pandemic. There are situations when the companies do not have required number of laptops that they can give to their employees so that they can work from home. In such cases, employees have to use their personal devices like desktop computer, laptop, tablets, mobiles, etc. The companies have allowed their employees to use SSL VPN. A hardware box is used for the installation of this VPN. If a person has to use this VPN, then he must use a browser that supports HTML 5. The browsers that have the compatibility of HTML 5 can connect to any operating system.

Site to Site VPN

This is a type of virtual private network has the capacity to hide the address of a private intranet. The site to site VPN helps the users to access the data of each other’s computers and other devices. If there are multiple locations of a company and each location has its own local area network, then this VPN is good option to access data. If there are two intranets in the same building and data has to be transferred from one intranet to another, then also site to site VPN can be used. This VPN has less flexibility in comparison to SSL VPN. Site to site VPN can be used in large companies only as its implementation is very tough.


There are the three types of VPNs that are used for different purposes. People and businesses need to choose any of them that are suitable to their requirement and budget. Some VPNs can be useful for individuals and they can be installed very easily. Some of them are difficult to install and can be used only for large organizations.