Why cloud computing is becoming popular nowadays?

Cloud computing is still under development though it has been in the IT industry for the past two decades. Cloud computing has brought many advantages to the businesses like increase in efficiency, cost control, increase in sale, more profit, and many other things. There are many benefits of cloud computing and in this article we will talk about those benefits.

Saving different types of costs

cloud computing saves costs

Studies have brought an estimation that around 20% of the companies all over the world have adopted cloud computing. Companies have got the option of accessing their data on a single screen though the branches are in different cities. Cloud computing services providers take payment only for those services which their clients have chosen. No other extra cost is taken by the service providers. The clients choose to have more storage space for storing the data of their customers and employees.

Security of the data

security of data

Cybercrimes have increased a lot now a days and companies have to secure the data of their customers to prevent hacking. Cloud company is the best solution for providing security. People may think that they can access any of their data but cyber criminals cannot do that. There is a cloud host that provides security to the data. Data theft mostly occurs internally so it is better that sensitive data and other data that has to be secured should not be kept onsite. Such data has to be kept offsite and cloud computing services provide the service of storing the data offsite.

Flexibility in the storage of data

Many businesses face the problem of storing large amount of data. Due to this problem, the owner loses focus on achieving the business goals. He is just worried about the space where he has to store a large amount of data. Such business owners need flexibility and in such a case, cloud computing services is the best solution for them. Business owners can host a local server for the purpose but it may cost more in comparison to cloud computing.

Access data through various devices

Cloud commuting has given the facility that people can check the data through different devices like laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc. There are many people who work far away from the corporate office. If the data of their company is uploaded on a cloud, they can see it and there is no need to come to the corporate office for the purpose. Organizations can provide satisfaction to their permanent as well as freelance employees by providing the data that they need for their work.

Checking the equality of products and services

Organizations need to check the quality of their products and services. They need to have such documents which will tell them about the quality. All such documents can be stored in one place and people working from different places can see the data easily. They will come to know about the quality of product and service and will improve the one whose quality is not liked by their customers.


These are some of the benefits of cloud computing services. Companies who have adopted it are meeting their goals and gaining a lot of profit. Due to corona virus, companies have asked their employees to work from home and they are able to see the work of the employees with the help of cloud services.