Video Marketing Trends

Many people are running ecommerce businesses to sell their products and services. If you are one of them then this article is for you. You must know that you have to change your website and business according to the current market trend. This is necessary because these trends will help you in keeping yourself ahead of your competitors. In the current market trends, video marketing has flourished. In this article, we will discuss about the marketing trends that are going on in the current year.

Usage of videos

usage of videos

Recent researches have shown the results that most of the businesses in the world are now using video marketing. These businesses have believed that video marketing is the important part as it gives knowledge of the products easily to the existing and prospective customers. You may also start using video marketing but you will have to research about the types of videos that your competitors are using. Most of the businesses are using explainer videos as these videos explain everything regarding a product or a service.

Explainer videos in the form of animation

Animation is one of the oldest forms of marketing trends. You will be surprised to know that the first animated video to be used in digital marketing was made in 1958 by Proctor & Gamble. The name of the animation was Mr. Clean. The popularity of animated videos increased and many businesses have started using animations for marketing purpose. Now real videos have become more trending and they can be found on social media websites. It has been estimated that the trends of 2021 will lead in the growth of animated videos. Animated videos are being used to promote the products and educating the customers about these products.

Arrangements of webinars

A webinar is a type of informative lecture which can be found in the form of videos on different websites. Other names of webinars are web seminars or web podcasts. Webinars are also used for content marketing in which videos are placed in front of the audience and these videos consist of useful information regarding a company and its products and services.


Webinars have the ability to establish trust in your audience and they will start purchasing your products and services. You will be able to retain the existing customers and their loyalty. Besides this, you will also be able to gain confidence of the new customers.

Live Videos

Live videos are very engaging and now they have become one of the best trends in social media marketing. Studies have shown that Facebook Live has become one of the best trends in digital marketing. Studies have also shown that these videos are not used much by the digital marketers.


Now live video streaming is being used in mobiles. Many apps related to live video streaming can be found on the mobiles. Statistics have shown that live streaming through mobiles led to rapid growth of many businesses.

360 degree videos

Many video trends come and go but now the trend of 360 degree videos have emerged. The 360 degree videos compel the customers to try a product before purchasing it. These videos have the ability to prove the loyalty of the brands to their customers and target audience.

Short videos

Businesses have also started using videos of very short length for advertising their products. These video clips have the length of a few seconds to a few minutes. This trend has started after the launch of Instagram Reels in 2020. This also led to the development of TikTok app in which many short videos can be found. The short videos have become a trend in the current year and many businesses have used it for advertising and promotion.

Video content generated by users

In the marketing strategies of many businesses, videos generated by users are also becoming a trend. Now this trend has risen to the top in this year. The user generated videos are engaging and can be found on YouTube. Studies have shown that these videos are viewed a lot on YouTube and other websites. These videos have helped in converting the visitors into customers. Such videos have helped the businesses of various industries like travel, health, beauty, food, and many others.

Videos for training and education

The pandemic of corona virus has forced the students go for online education. Online classes are being arranged and education has also adopted the digital mode. Millions and billions of students all over the world are studying and giving their exams online. So educational videos have also become a trend in 2021.

Wrapping Up

These are the trends of the video marketing and video content that are trending in 2021. Companies have used different types of videos to attract the customers. Now education system has also adopted teaching through videos and this has become a trend in 2021.