Everything about Paid Media

Paid media refers to the purchasing of ads from different social media and other websites so that a company can promote its own website. If you have problem in promoting your products and services through free media, then you can approach paid media to achieve your goal. In this article, we will discuss about paid media, its types, and benefits.

Overview of Paid Media

paid media overview

Purchasing ad space for the promotion of the website along with its content is known as paid media. The main aim of paid media is to reach a large number of people. This also helps in generating traffic and attracting more customers. When the content of your website will be sent through paid media, the product of your brands will be able to reach the target audience. Paid media will also be able to reach the people who are searching the same types of products that are available in your brand.

Different types of media

Let us discuss different types of media that different brands follow to get more customers and traffic.

• Paid Media

As already discussed, you can use paid media for promotion of the products and services of your brand through paid channels. You will be able to contact more and more users who are in search for the products available with your brand.

• Owned Media

This is a type of media in which you can place your brand name on those channels which are owned by you. These channels include email marketing, blog pages on your website, various resources and other things that are owned by your business.

• Earned media

Earned media will help your brand to get importance without purchasing any ad space. Earned media is also known as free media and you can use it any time for the promotion of you products and services. Guest blogs, SEO, ranking and visibility in the search engine are some of the things that are included in the earned media.

It has been estimated that combination of paid, owned, and earned media will give a lot of coverage online.

Paid Media of different types

different types of paid media

You can find different types of paid media and let us know some of them here.

• Paid Social Media

Your brand will get a good amount of traffic through paid social media. You must already be familiar with different paid social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many others. All these social media websites provide you tools and features which you can use to create different types of ads for your brand. You can also run ad campaigns through these websites.

• Ads made and run through search engines

This is a type of ad in which you have to put your ads on different websites. You will have to make payment only when a user clicks the ad. This type of ad marketing is known as Pay per Click or PPC. Another option that you can use is Pay Per Impression or PPI. After you post an ad on a search engine, these ads will be available on the result page of that search engine. In order to post ads through PPC you need to add keywords to those ads. You will have to fix the price in such a way that there is no effect on ROI or return on investment.


In the case of PPI, the payment does not depend on the clicks The payment depends upon the number of time your ad is displayed on a website. The charge of these ads is based on the basis of per thousand impressions.

• Banner Ads

Banner ads are also known as display ads and they can be shown on one or more websites for a limited period of time. The ads consist of images, or they can be web ads. You can check the performance of these ads with the help of click-through ratio.

Benefits of Paid Media

benefits of paid media

After knowing everything about Paid media, now we will look at some of the benefits of paid media.

• Get instant visibility

Paid advertising will help your brand to get instant visibility. Paid ads will help you to reach your target audience easily in comparison to free ad campaigns. You can increase the traffic on your website and this will help in increasing the sales. In order to get most of the benefits of the paid ads, you need to find the social media and the websites where your audience spends most of their time.

• Budget is not a big problem

Paid media is very affordable and it depends on the type of paid media that you choose for your brand. There are many platforms that use PPC. IN this case, you have to make payment only when a user clicks your ad on a website or social media. You will be able to get ROI after refreshing your ads. You need to start by making small investments and place ads on popular websites. After you start receiving ROI, you can make more investment in the paid media.

• Get control over the users who see your ads

There are various types of parameters available on each social media and other platforms. These parameters are called targeting parameter which you can use to know which user has seen your ads. The parameters depend on various things related to the users like interest, hobbies personality, products to be purchased, and many more. You just need to check the list of contacts that you want to target This will help you in targeting the correct audience and brining traffic to your website.

• Brand awareness can be boosted easily

Paid media will also help you to increase the brand awareness. You can place your brands in the newsfeed of the Facebook or on other popular pages. When people will see the ad of your brand continuously, they may visit your website and see if you have the products that they want. In this way brand awareness can be increased.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the things that you have to know about paid media. You can take the help of free media but it takes a lot of time to get traffic. In the case of paid media, you will get instant visibility and brand awareness will also increase.