WordPress and its importance

Many people run their website and they are satisfied with the platform that they are using. Some people may also have questions regarding the switching of their platform to WordPress. It is a misconception that WordPress is blogging website. But it is not true. Besides being a blogging tool, WordPress is also a tool for making different types of websites. Another feature of this tool is that it is a content management system. The tool is easy to use and there are many things which people can do to make different types of websites. There are many other reasons due to which people like to work on WordPress. We will discuss some of these reasons in the article.

No payment is needed to use WordPress


You can use WordPress for free. There is no need to purchase any license while downloading and installing WordPress. You can also make modifications in the software so that it can meet your needs. In order to install it, a domain name and a web hosting is needed to install the software.

Domain name will act as an address to your website and web hosting is a place where all the files related to the website is stored. In order to start a website on WordPress, you can either make your own website or you can hire an individual or a team to design a website for you on WordPress.

Customization of the website is easy

You can use WordPress easily even if you are not a web designer or a programmer. You can design one or more websites easily because different types of website templates are available. Customization of these templates is easy and you can make a logo, change the color or insert an image in the background. You can put different types of menus as per your requirement. Many other things can be added to make the website attractive and functional. Plugins can be added to the website to make it functional.

SEO can be easily performed in WordPress

Websites made in WordPress are liked by Google and that is the reason that websites made on this platform have a high rank. Websites designed in WordPress are SEO friendly. Besides this, SEO plugins are also available in WordPress which you can use to optimize your website.

Management of a WordPress Website is easy

Built-in updates are available in WordPress which will help you in managing your website. WordPress has an admin dashboard through which you will be able to update the templates and plugins. If any update regarding the WordPress arrives, you will be notified and then you will have to click a button to update your website. A backup plugin is available which will help you to take up the backup of your website.

Safety and security


The platform of WordPress is very safe and secure so you need not have to worry about your website especially if it is an ecommerce or online store website. Hackers are always looking for the websites that they can hack to steal money or damage the website by inserting virus.

Various types of media can be inserted

You can upload different types of media files in your website. Some of these media files include
  • 1. Images
  • 2. Video
  • 3. Audio
  • 4. Document
Different types of file extensions that the website support are
  • .doc
  • .pptx
  • .jpg
  • .gif
  • .mp3
  • .mp4
  • .wmv
Many other formats are also supported by WordPress. SVG file format cannot be used in the WordPress. One of the major things that you have to follow is that you have to use the media that you have designed yourself or that you can download for free.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the reasons that people are using WordPress to make websites. If you will opt for paid version, you will get a lot more features. Free version is good for small organizations or startups. They can make their websites and optimize them for search engine optimization.